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What Are the Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet forDiabetics? There is much disagreement about a low-carbohydratediet for diabetics, but there are many benefits for any person with diabetes who is able tocontrol his or her calorie intake with this strategy.

The greatest benefit for diabetics is theability to control blood sugar levels with less reliance on outside controls such asmedication or injectable insulin.

Weight loss is a pleasant side effect of alow-carb diet for diabetics.

Insulin resistance, which is a cell's refusalto react to insulin in the body, is decreased as well.

Also, the side effects of diabetes, such ashigh blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney impairment, are decreased because thebody is better able to use glucose on a low-carb diet.

A low-carb diet for diabetics focuses on keepingglucose low.

Any carbohydrate — such as candy bars, fruits,breads or pasta — is eventually turned into sugar.

Eating any of these will raise one's bloodsugar.

By sticking to a low-carb intake, a diabeticcontrols the amount of glucose that is put into his or her bloodstream.

For this reason, the diabetic's blood glucosewill not be as high as it would if he or she ate the carbohydrates, and he or she doesnot need as much medications to control his or her glucose.

Eating a low-carb diet for diabetics usuallywill result in a decreased calorie intake, and this results in weight loss.

Weight loss is of tremendous benefit to diabeticsbecause is helps control blood sugar and the other side effects of diabetes.

It is important when dieting in this way thatproper nutrition is maintained by taking vitamins.

Insulin resistance is a condition in whichthe body's cells have become immune to the effects of insulin.

For this reason, it usually takes more andmore insulin to lower high blood sugar, and that is the downward spiral of diabetes.

A low-carb diet for diabetics helps fightthis phenomenon by decreasing the overall amount of glucose in the blood.

There is less glucose, so there is less insulinbombarding the cells.

Diabetes has many side effects that are devastatingto the patient, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and impaired kidney function.

Following a low-carb diet for diabetics willdecrease a person's blood sugar, lower his or her weight and sensitize his or her bodyto the effects of insulin once again.

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