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I serves the best business in the world.

I am a doctor.

I do not say that.

I'm a doctor.

'' 'Obesity I had the opportunity to work in a group.

Who was the study of obesity gairasamajababata.

I had endured the pain of obesity alelum patients.

Shame, discrimination and stigmatization of diffident tyancababata.

This is the attitude of those who see a health care center.

These people are getting the blame for this situation.

If they would have taken care to provide himself would not have been fat.

They did not get as inspiration.

But I do not mind sangatyeya.

If the fault is present, Give counsel with you.

This is the right time to make the changes.

Obesity is a disease, not caritryatila errors.

Many hormones are hormones in the body that causes it.

Insulin is the principal hormone.

Most of the fat in the body is insulin resistance.

What is insulin resistance? Insulin resistance is a pre-diabetic condition pridayabetika pre diabetes.

Insulin, blood sugar work There was urjanirmiti push the body tissues.

But if someone is insulin resistance, If the blood glucose is No cells.

The glucose in the blood does not circulate Otherwise, you would have found the situation after every meal for diabetics.

When insulin resistance is a When the body as it does to create a more responsive.

And is increasing the level of insulin in the body For some time varsam Raktasarkarece rate can be justified.

But it is not permanent.

Increased levels of insulin and After some time, you can not keep blood glucose amounts.

It is increasing.

And then I diabetes.

You will not be surprised to hear that Most of my patients with diabetes or Insulin is pratirodhata.

Thou shalt ask you to consider 0 to 50% of Americans are suffering from diabetes Nearly 12 million Americans.

Everyone who is insulin resistance, As I say This is because insulin increases the level of insulin pratirodhata among them.

Which is many years and decades.

Nidanapurvi nidanapurvi or pre-diabetes.

16 to 25 percent of normal-weight individuals who are overweight Pratirodhane insulin are affected.

If you took the track to be amazed.

Insulin is hardship that this pratirodhaca This was boosted by the early 2 diabetes.

But insulin is not to Achaia Eating And that you were eating it as fat deposits in the body ' Insulin is a hormone in fat sathavinare hormones.

The problem is how to look at ways to build Sleeping disorders such as diabetes and metabolism of the lathththpana.

But if you already know if And if the low glucose This will reduce the insulin tayara.

Let us see how this will happen.

Which account to Either protein or carbohydrates and fat is.

As a result, it is different in different sugar insulin levels.

You are looking at the graphs.

When you take carbohydrates Insulin and glucose levels in our body suddenly stretched.

If the protein is not so.

Watch what happens to fat intake, but This chart does not show anything It is important here.

This graph tells you the meaning.

In real life.

Let's go back.

Remember, the last time you ate Chinese food in the US as.

There are some rules about it.

The first place you need to eat more.

Wait for this message is not got you Khataca until you are dulaki The second rule: you have to hour hunger.

Why? Because blood glucose and insulin jevanatila rice rocket around uncavile.

Increasing the appetite and fat will be deposited in your body.

If you're starting insulin resistant If your insulin levels and increased already You have to constantly hungry.

It happens like this: Eat carbohydrates increase insulin levels and increase glukoja And therefore have to constantly hungry and fat reserves And what words to diet Ashyani Here is the important thing.

About 2 diabetes talk Normally 2 diabetes patients Each diet is said to take 40 to 65 grams of carbohydrates.

And other food But I believe there are more carbohydrates What will be the result of On glucose and insulinna When it eats foods? Our only sipharasaca The problem up to us.

Do not feel strange? But that is not enough.

This is basically trying to create blame carbohydrates sevananeca diabetes.

You do not get blood glucose.

But this is a temporary problem, But the consequences are far greater.

Insulin is a non pratirodhakta of carbohydrates Connection.

Then take a recommendation if there? American Diabetes guidelines sansthanusara This conclusion is inferior version That certain limits should carbohydrates But the recommendation is suitable for that This is the only component that receives carbohydrates to glucose in the body Takes the medical treatment and And then said: You are taking diabetes medicine You will have to eat some carbohydrates that otherwise would be low glucose See now, See this counsel is how vicious circle Take, eat carbohydrates and tablets.

But the more carbohydrates you account And drug side effects can be prevented This cycle goes on.

The American dayabetisa that bad.

The philosophy of the way Diabetes dhyeyaca not give out.

It should be changed.

There can be returned to the.

In particular, If you start early These people are not only worth telling.

If the transaction is actually advised them.

Talk about carbohydrates You do not need to hear him occasionally.

You really do not need at all its daily sangatye You are proteins that are important Amini acid As well as the necessary fatty acids.

But not carbohydrates costs Nutrients are required That according to.

We are preparing a large quantity of glucose.

She says glukojensisa.

You do not need him.

His great use to you sick.

However, we do recommend it.

At least to an extent.

Half the energy they get from this bill.

This is some meaning.

Or see what happens.

To cut too much of carbohydrates The law is not our patients.

The importance of diet to reduce them.

Not much significance.

What will he? When patients are less carbohydrates.

Their blood glucose was low.

And rapidly decreasing insulin levels.

This is important.

For the study, Testing by the National Health and nutrients And which is right NHANES pekha.

That the only major threat Coronary Artery Disease Insulin resistance is the same.

This is because 42% after cardiac disorders shock.

Low carbohydrates diet is very effective.

And one you can do less than 100 units of insulin.

Within a few days.

It provides a good example.

Grasim has a 20-year-old woman with diabetes 2.

When the doctor told her that she was sick.

That it was saravali Her diabetes was out of control.

She had been given multiple medicinal actual system.

Including 300 units of insulin.

He gave her a kind of daily body pampadvare Note that in spite of all her blood sugar was out of control.

We put her in a low carbohydrates diet four months Her weight was low and they had no ajarihi And now her blood sugar is normal.

And now have stopped the treatment of diabetes.

300 units were off insulin.

Stopped using insulin pumps.

Every day blood glucose stopped to check out botatuna Her diabetes was in exile.

I like to tell my patients the most They are no longer diabetic.

We lost all of their issues list It is not miracle cures? Credit should be given to the doctor craw.

Be good, and do not become diabetic again.

And if they will again if they eat more carbohydrates again But they were not going to do bareu diabetes As long as you stay away from the heart of the problem is missed.

What do you think about what to eat for a man? Do not eat the first sangatye.

Less carbohydrates than protein or carbohydrates is not zero Normally that would have discouraged criticism of It is not true What to eat when I close offside carbohydrates? Keep an eye on are only three micronutrients.

A low pass that goes to the other.

Majhara patients eat fat foods.

"Say" what would you say to him? I'll be happy to tell you.

This is because they taste good and he feels satisfied.

(Applause) (Laughter) Remember fat foods contain micronutrients Control your blood sugar and insulin levels, and they keep.

And that is important.

I tell my dietetic rules.

It is important to keep in mind that these rules much.

Especially if you are an American dahatila Jayasa is insulin resistance.

First rule: stay low light or snigdhahina grocery foods snighansa However, those who accept the body fat and carb chemicals.

The second rule, eat Those with low carb Food is not true of the paper box, This is true food, and do not inquire whether naisarkika.

You should be able to see olakhu.

Three: Do not eat or drink anything dislikes.

Four: eat lagalyavaraca appetite.

Do not eat wonder.

Sango and watch anything.

Note that the fifth permanent what should be avoided.

None batatedhanya sugar.

Food is not a big thing? Grain talam ' But he need not.

It is not carb.

But beans, but it is useful.

You have very little liquid remains Which will be completed cereals But many of those who are called cereals The process creates high and destroyed the cotha Kiva that are adapted to the bench.

These are both aspects.

If you're insulina sensor Eat cereals meet the real.

But if you are a group of several insulin pratirodhaka It would be funny.

And if you have no pain insulin If you eat this? I am the best example of it.

Years ago I decided to diet to reduce the curb The proportion of diabetic patients tell me It was not necessary to put the obligation on my health.

I am not resistant to insulin.

still As long as you do not see the extreme symptoms This will benefit you long.

Though its not needed I will show you some basic diet.

This is a common food in my house.

What do you think I have broken my rules? This is to prepare the batter bread from coconut I'm still roasting in the trilogy.

It is made of non-grain flour, coconut and almond nuts I had cotha ' It is tasty.

This is a little starch in my namunedaraahe.

Masruma is due to diet and eating roast And I love my patients are eating along with it.

But what on sodhababata? The only evidence was hearsay.

No! There are many types of food Which are low carb holder.

Obesity and heart diseases arteries of diabetic patients, This is the best treatment.

More studies say The low carb diet reduces inflammation It was a great use of cancer resistance.

We have completed a study of our hospital.

We did that, 50 diabetic patients Kanakami carb diet and given far more fat.

And 50 others compare it with the other ADA diet suggested that they were taking.

six months We found significant changes in metabolism in action Low carb group And the cost is low.

$ 2000 a year to save.

They are now taking diabetes medications.

Progress was rapid.

, Diabetes epidemic we are sitting.

Your country is spending $ 250 billion a year for.

I will show you a movie This is where all the savings from that.

It is shown the difference between the insulin level.

After six months, the group seems to donayata it seems Low carb group, who had low levels of insulin.

Every day, it is a 500 unit.

ADA Group, who suggested the treatment group An increase of 300 Uniti every day.

There are two things mahatvacta.

A: The insulin is expensive.

The two groups did not start taking some insulin at all.

Hence my conclusion more robust.

I say this chart says Two perspectives on the treatment of diabetes.

Our group whose goal is first to reverse diabetes.

That reduce their medications.

The second group, which is taking the ADA treatment.

Wherein said diabetes is a progressive disease.

And so the treatment is growing.

As long as you do not increase it because of its labor.

What then is the problem though? The low carb diet is not universally recommended? There are two reasons for it.

It is a condition that is difficult to break this policy thvanyace.

There are many interests.

Low carb diet was suggested to take a decade.

But just say the study This is not proof Americans recommend that you remove the fat in their diet.

And it was the food carbs.

For many, it was an important experiment.

But unfortunately it was unsuccessful.

The second reason is economic which is everywhere.

Do not be fooled many people do you have the money to put into getting sick.

This guidance are hidden interests There are specific treatments to be my arogyakendrata diabetes epidemic.

Do not take medicine to prevent the food from.

Because this disease is carbohydrates.

Although they are close to or less, Remember that you should always remember something.

Do you know a long time ago Thousands of years ago, Quit the situation that we must do this.

Thank you.

(Applause) Subtitles by the Amara.

Org community.

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